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effect paınt

CONSUMPTION RATE: 1000 – 1200 (g/m2)
DENSITY: 1,72 (m/V)
STORAGE: Can be stored up to 2 years in dry places.
Must be kept away from freezing and direct sunlight.

DESCRIPTION: DEJA Concentrated Effect Paint also uses the latest superior silicone technology, which is integrated to a water-based paint system. With the mentioned addition, the paint becomes exponentially more resistant to UV rays, alkali and is more wipe-able / water resistant. Additional advantages include homogeneous adherence, longer duration of durability, resistance to dust and other formations present in all climate conditions that might affect the paint.

This paint works best with our Exterior Silicone Based Grainy Paint. After the exterior grainy paint is applied and dried, a single coat of the condensed effect paint can be applied to give the surface the desired effect wanted.

The paint completely integrates with the surface it is being applied to and can be used for many years. For color, high quality pigments are used to have more durable and long- lasting vibrant colors. 

APPLICATION AREAS: Exterior / Interior. Can be used on normal painted surfaces, but shows the best results when applied to surfaces painted with our Grainy Exterior Paint.

SURFACE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION: This paint is recommended to be used on already painted surfaces, to achieve a desired effect in certain parts of the surface. Can be thinned up to 10 percent by volume with water.

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