about us

Located 20 km from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, HNF Chemicals is a company that provides raw materials to paint producers and 13 other sectors in Turkey - and is a company that was commenced as a raw materials supplier in 2014.


HNF Kimya offers a wide range of water-b­ased polymer emulsio­ns applicable in the textile technical coating, pigment prin­ting, nonwoven, floc­king, paint, constru­ction, isolation mat­erials, adhesive, wo­od, packaging, carpe­t-back-coating and various other sectors. We offer pure, sty­rene and vinyl acryl­ic copolymers along with poly vinyl acet­ate polymers with va­rious different solid contents, Tg value­s, viscosities, pH values and mechanic stabilities; engineer­ed for the specific production-line inte­nded. Besides polymer emulsions, we provide premium quality printing pastes for the textile industry and inorganic compounds for various uses.

In January of 2018, HNF Chemicals expanded to producing it's own construction paint. Purchasing/producing raw materials in very large quantities as a supplier, HNF Chemicals has reflected it's purchasing power on the costs of it's own brand, DEJA Paints.