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HNF Chemicals is​ a chemical compound manufacturing company that provides raw materials to different sectors. Operating since 2014, HNF Chemicals specializes in producing both technical textile coating pastes and textile printing pastes and provides these goods and services to many multinational fabric producers in Europe and Turkey.

HNF Chemicals offers a wide range of pearlescent, aluminium and titanium dioxide pastes for both technical textile coating and textile printing. HNF Chemicals also provides acrylic emulsions and other textile auxiliaries such as water repellents, fire retardants and cross-linkers. HNF Chemicals is also an official partner of Lefatex-Chemie GmbH of Germany and is the exclusive distributor of blackout pastes for the roller blind industry in Turkey.

HNF Chemicals also produces it's own industrial and decorative paints under the brand name: DEJA Paints. For further details on these paints, please visit

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